1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

A nice, clean 1993 R32 GT-R  came to us already sporting a GReddy intercooler + upgraded intercooler piping, Veilside chrome engine covers, Veilside instrument cluster, Veilside body styling, Enkei wheels, Fujitsubo cat-back exhaust, M’s dual intake system, Nismo strut brace, A’PEXi coilovers, and Tein adjustable suspension arms.

With a slipping clutch and blown turbos, we pulled the engine to do a timing belt service, install a Nismo Coppermix TwinPlate clutch, replace the turbos with Garrett GT2860R units complete with Tomei exhaust manifolds and turbo dump pipes, change the cams out for Tomei Poncams Type B units, and upgraded the fuel delivery with a Tomei fuel rail, Tomei adjustable fuel pressure regulator, and SARD 650cc injectors.  Steering and suspension parts were replaced as needed and brake pads were upgraded with Project Mu parts.

After installing a GReddy Profec B electronic boost controller, dyno tuning resulted in 414whp.  The only thing holding this engine back from 500+whp was the stock catalytic converter and MAF sensors.  We didn’t want to melt the stock catalytic converter so limited the boost to 18psi.  Those are the next items to replace on the owner’s list so we should be seeing some  more exciting numbers next season!