1990-1996 Z32 300ZX Services

1992 Nissan 300ZX TT Whitehead Performance

When introduced in 1990, the 2nd generation (Z32) Nissan 300zx and 300zx TT was a cutting edge sports car, brimming with advanced technology wrapped in a beautiful body. These cars still look great and hold their own against many current sports cars.  However, it requires a very knowledgeable and specialized shop to keep these purebred sports cars performing to their proper potential. Very few if any GTA, Toronto, or Ontario Nissan dealers have the equipment or knowledge to service your 300zx any longer. General repair shops are lost when it comes to working on these fine vehicles.

At Whitehead Performance, the 1990-1996 Z32 Nissan 300zx and 300zx twin turbo is a particular specialty of ours.  We’ve serviced, repaired, and modified the 300zx since they were introduced in 1990.  We know all the maintenance, problem areas, and peculiarities of these vehicles better than anyone else in Canada.

1990 Nissan 300ZX TT D's Car Whitehead Performance

We perform all common Nissan 300zx repairs and maintenance such as brakes, suspension, exhaust, fluids, etc.  Below is a list of  Whitehead Performance specialist services  for the Z32 300ZX and 300ZX Twin Turbo:


  • Individual fuel injector replacement without removing intake manifold –300zx injectors commonly fail, especially on 1990-1994 models
  • Fuel injector connector and ignition module connector upgrade – corrosion plays havoc in 300zx engine electrical connectors leading to intermittent running problems and stalling
  • Oil leak diagnosis and repair – Engine, Transmission, Differential
  • Comprehensive timing belt service every 96,000 km – VG30DE and VG30DETT are interference engines and if the timing belts breaks, it will destroy the engine
  • Driveability problems diagnosed and solved – rough or erratic idling, power loss, hesitation, intermittent stalling, etc
  • Cure for the “gurgling” sound at idle
  • Throttle body synchronization – often overlooked by other shops and takes a good technique to get right, can cure some off idle hesitation and low rpm issues
  • Analysis, testing, adjustment  of all engine sensors – misadjusted TPS sensor, lazy or failed O2 sensors, bad knock sensor, idle valve out of adjustment, base ignition timing not set, stuck thermostat, are all problems we can detect quickly with an engine scan.  On 1990-1995 300zx the check engine light does not come on for any of the above problems
  • Repair and upgrading of troublesome suspension components:  front upper arms, front tension rods, front pivots, rear HICAS steering tie rods
  • Power steering issues:  leaky hoses and pump, notching  or loose steering, assist level decreases intermittently, steering wheel not centering, etc.  We have the solution for all these problems
  • Repair/rebuilding/ replacement of lower radiator crossmember metal  – hidden area supporting front tension rods that rusts out frequently and can make the car unsafe to drive
  • Shock absorber diagnosis and replacement – common to leak or for the rear suspension to become unsettled over bumps (wants to hop sideways)
  • Reliable alternator replacement  – hard to find a properly remanufactured alternator that will stand up over time, we have a great source with very low failure rates
  • Turbocharger diagnosis  –  car smokes intermittently?  We will test the PCV system and the turbos to confirm the source of the problem
  • Electrical repair – cruise control, instrument cluster/speedo, window motors, HVAC components, light bulb sensor, oil pressure switch  – We have solutions for all these common trouble areas
  • Driveline noise and vibration diagnosis – we can sort out whether the cause is driveshaft, differential, front or rear wheel bearing, or tires/alignment and offer up an accurate repair solution
  • Emission test failure –  We are very skilled in tuning/repairing your 300ZX to legitimately pass the Ontario Drive Clean emission test after a failed e-test

Nissan 300ZX TT Z32 VG30DETT Engine

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